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Upcoming Webinars

School Mental Health Virtual Learning Series
Facilitated by Dana Cunningham, PhD, Brittany Patterson, PhD, and Cameron Sheedy, MS

Note: Continuing education credits are not available for this series. Certificates of Attendance are available for those who attend the live webinars (not for those who view the recording at a later date). All webinars in this series are recorded and archived under Recorded Webinars on this page. 
  • March 12, 2024, 3–4pm ET: Strategies for Discussing Race, Racial Discrimination, and Racial Trauma with Youth
    Presenters: Nicole L. Cammack, PhD, Dana L. Cunningham, PhD, and Jessica S. Henry, PhD

Recorded Webinars

School Mental Health Virtual Learning Series with the Danya Institute (for the Central East Mental Health Technology Transfer Center)
Organized by most - least recent:

  • Understanding and Preventing Youth Suicide (2.13.24)
    • Recording, Slides
    • Janelle R. Goodwill, PhD, Danielle R. Harrell, PhD, LCSW
  • Strengths-Based Holistic Approaches to Youth Mental Health (12.12.23)
  • Tier 2 School Mental Health: Implementing, Staffing, and Funding Early Intervention in Schools (10.10.23)
    • Recording, Slides
    • Eric Bruns, PhD, Elizabeth McCauley, PhD, Antonio Polo, PhD, Jessica Schleider, PhD, Hadia Zarzour, MA, LCPC
    • Introduced and facilitated by Sharon Hoover, PhD
  • From Assessment to Action: Enhancing Organizational Well-Being in Schools (9.12.23)
  • Understanding and Responding to Policies that Impact LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health (8.8.23)
  • Seeing Ourselves Alongside (not Beyond) Our LGBTQ+ Students: Self-Aware Frameworks for Inclusivity (7.11.23)
  • Creating Supportive Spaces for Gender and Sexually Diverse Youth (6.13.23)
  • Collaboration Between School and Community Settings: Development of Meaningful and Sustainable Partnerships Between Schools and Community Partners (5.9.23)
  • Promoting Family and Community Empowerment to Strengthen Positive School Climate (4.11.23)
  • Individual Well-Being: School Staff Wellness and Self-Care (3.14.23)
  • Organizational Well-Being (2.14.23)
  • Trauma-Informed Organizations and Language: Cultural Responsiveness, Anti-Racism and Equity in School Mental Health (1.10.23)
    • RecordingSlides
    • Temeka S. Bailey, LCSW-C, LISCW, Kay Connors, LCSW-C, Kim Gordon-Achebe, MD
  • CARE Best Practices in School Mental Health - Early Intervention and Treatment in Schools, Tiers 2 & 3 (6.1.22)
  • CARE Best Practices in School Mental Health - Universal Mental Health Promotion, Tier 1 (5.4.22)
  • Cultural Inclusiveness & Equity 4: Supporting Students Experiencing Distress from a Cultural Inclusiveness & Equity Len (4.6.22)
  • Cultural Inclusiveness & Equity 3: Engaging in Culturally-Inclusive Action to Promote Student Mental Health (3.16.22)
  • CARE Best Practices in School Mental Health - Screening (3.2.22)
    • Slides
    • Dana Cunningham, PhD, Sam Reaves, PhD, Mark Sander, PhD
  • Cultural Inclusiveness & Equity 2: Understanding How Educator Bias Impacts Student Mental Health (2.2.22)
  • Cultural Inclusiveness & Equity 1: Understanding How Social Injustices Impacts Student Mental Health (1.19.22)
  • CARE Best Practices in School Mental Health - Teaming (1.5.22)
    • RecordingSlides
    • Dana Cunningham, PhD, Nancy Lever, PhD, Nikita Parson, LCSW-C, Ashley Woods, LCSW-C
  • Educator Well-Being (12.1.21)
  • Teacher Support: Restart, Renew (11.10.21)
  • *Supporting Newcomer (Immigrant and Refugee) Youth in Schools (8.4.21)
    •  Recording, Slides
    • Sadia M. Abdi, PhD, LICSW, Rebecca Ford-Paz, PhD, Sonia Rodrigues-Marto, MA, LPC, Bianca Vargas-Ocasio, LSW
  • Supporting Native and Indigenous Youth in Schools (7.7.21)
  • *Supporting Students Impacted by Racial Stress and Trauma (6.2.21)
  • Youth MOVE: Leveraging Youth Advocacy (5.5.21) 
  • National Association of School Psychologists: School-Community Partnerships (4.7.21) 
  • *Safe and Equitable Schools: Tier II Interventions and Considerations (3.5.21)
    • RecordingSlides
    • Portia Richardson, MEd, MPP, Riana Elyse Anderson, PhD, LCP
  • *Addressing Systemic Racism: Creating Safe and Equitable Schools (2.3.21)
  • Trauma-Responsive Care for Younger Students (1.6.21)
  • *Addressing Racial Stress and Trauma (12.2.20)
  • Promoting Educator Well-Being: Understanding and Combatting Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress (11.4.20)
  • *Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth (10.7.20)
  • Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into the Classroom (9.2.20)
  • *What Schools Can Do to Address COVID-19, Racism, and Social Justice (8.10.20)
    • Recording, Slides
    • Tiffany Beason, PhD, Lauren Brown, MS, Dwayne Cormier, PhD, Kelly Willis, MSW
  • The School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System (8.5.20) 
  • *Youth Perspectives on COVID-19, Racism, and Returning to School (8.3.20)
  • Trauma-Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment (7.29.20)

*Indicates webinars facilitated by the Cultural Responsiveness and Equity specialty track of the Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health.

Innovation and Emerging Best Practices with the School-Based Health Alliance (part of the School Health Services National Quality Initiative).