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2022 ASMH Exhibit Hall

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Bloom Health Centers

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Lorraine Riche, President of Bloom Health Centers, was recently featured on WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore's weekly "Maryland Peace of Mind," a weekly spotlight focused on sharing mental health news, resources, and support. This opportunity allowed Riche to share the broader Bloom Health Centers story but also to bring awareness to the mental health needs facing our communities every day and how the team at Bloom is facing those challenges head-on. Watch the full interview.

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The Dibble Institute

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The Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC) Network


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YouROK was founded from a deep passion to challenge the status quo when it comes to adolescent mental health. No longer children but not yet adults, adolescents are the most underserved segment of the population. It’s no surprise that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for this age group. Mental health issues continue to rise sharply with a 37% increase in the prevalence of major depressive episodes among teens. Sadly, there has been no corresponding increase in treatment.  There are many barriers to needed mental health services, such as peer stigma, fear of negative reactions from family members, underutilized school and community health services, lack of providers, cost and transportation constraints.  Knowing that there must be a way to overcome these obstacles, we set out to help those we love… and the more than 50 million children who make up the statistic that 75% of mental health issues emerge by age 24.

To make our vision real, we leveraged our extensive product and design expertise, adolescent mental health insights from psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, and surrounded ourselves with brilliant game designers and advisors. Together, we created YouROK to give adolescents a stigma free resource to help create the emotional resiliency to withstand the challenges of becoming an adult. And, we provide the professionals who care for them real-time insights for risk mitigation to ensure that every teen survives adolescence to become an emotionally healthy adult.

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