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Youth Care Coordination

The National Center for School Mental Health (through a partnership with the Office on Mental Health, Core Service Agency of Harford County, Inc.) serves as the technical assistance and training organization for the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration in its management of Youth Care Coordination (YCC) in the State of Maryland. This website serves as the central repository for core resources and documents in support of Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) in Maryland. This website houses the most up-to-date* resources available to youth care coordinators and supervisors.

YCC Training and Onboarding

Youth Care Coordinator Training Modules: The Youth Care Coordinator Training Series provides comprehensive knowledge and best practices in youth care coordination to care coordinators and behavioral health professionals. This training is designed to provide foundational knowledge related to youth and behavioral health, as well as training on core youth care coordination skills. 

MD YCC Training Requirements (5/13/20) : This document outlines the training requirements for new youth care coordinators, new youth care coordinator supervisors, and annual updates mandated by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).

New C&A Provider Protocol for TCM: A guide for new providers to obtain their National Provider Identifier (NPI) # and Medical Assistance (MA) #, as well as contact information for technical support.

Biannual Training Reports: NCSMH provides updates to youth care coordination supervisors on their staff’s completion of training requirements every six months (in March and September of each year). To confirm completion at dates other than this, please e-mail

NCTSN CANS Training This document describes how to access the CANS training required for all CCOs. Please complete this form to receive free access to this training.  When registering for the course, please select NCTSN as your regional designation. For additional information, contact


YCC Tools and Resources

TCM Plus Referral Guide: This document contains information about Targeted Care Management (TCM) Plus benefits. Included are all the necessary forms to complete a referral to receive TCM Plus benefits as well and the associated monthly documentation for ongoing services.

TCM Plus Referral Form: This document is a one-page fillable form to refer clients for TCM Plus services. This form is completed by the Youth Care Coordinator (YCC) in collaboration with the client or family recommended to receive services.

TCM Plus Monthly Report: This document is a fillable document to track enrollment for monthly reporting to BHA. 

TCM Plus Bi-Annual Report: This document is completed twice a year for BHA.

Chart Review Checklist: This is a three-page document useful for ensuring that client’s paper and electronic files are complete. Sections included are General Client Information, Initial Referral Information, Releases of Information, Mental Health Information, Mental Health Service Provider Information, School Information, School Paperwork, Legal Information, Medical Information, Referrals Made, and Insurance / Staffing Paperwork. Additionally, this document has a location to track Child and Family Team (CFT) Meetings, Electronic Medical Records, and Discharge Paperwork.

Exemplar Chart Components (In Development)

Family Timeline - A document that shows significant events in a family’s  life, starting with the birth of the parent and ending with where the family is today.

Family Story - A narrative form of the Family Timeline that also includes information about strengths and supports that have helped them through significant events.

Asessment - Tools used to gather information about family’s strengths and needs and assess for the appropriate level of care.

Plan of Care - A document which guides the care coordination process through identified family needs and goals. This document highlights strategies the child and family team can utilize to help the family meet set goals.

  1. Initial Plan of Care – The first plan of care done at intake
  2. Review Plan of Care - Subsequent plans of care updated at child and family team meetings 

Crisis Plan - A document outlining action steps that members of the child and family team can take to de-escalate a crisis event.

Primary Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) for YCCs

Meeting-Related Documents

Meeting Schedules

YCC Meeting Schedule 2020-2021

2020-21 Academic Year Meeting Schedule: Scheduled dates of meetings held every other month on Maryland Behavioral Health Authority’s Catonsville campus.

Meeting Minutes

CCO Meeting Minutes 8/12/20: Minutes from August 12th, 2020 CCO Supervisor's meeting via Webex

CCO Meeting Minutes 05/13/20: Minutes from May 13th, 2020 CCO Supervisor's meeting via Webex.

CCO Meeting Minutes 3/18/20: Minutes from the March 18th, 2020 CCO Supervisor's meeting via Webex. 

CCO Meeting Minutes 1/8/20: Minutes from the January 8th, 2020 Care Coordinating Organization (CCO) Supervisor’s Meeting at Behavioral Health Authority’s campus in Catonsville, MD.

CCO Meeting Minutes 11/13/19: Minutes from the November 13th, 2019 CCO Supervisor’s Meeting at BHA’s campus in Catonsville, MD.

CCO Meeting Minutes 9/4/19: Minutes from the September 4th, 2019 CCO Supervisor’s Meeting at BHA’s campus in Catonsville, MD.


Contact Information

Youth Care Coordination Supervisor's Roster

BHA and Optum Contacts

1915i Provider Directory: Contact information for Intensive In-Home Services (IIHS), Mobile Crisis Response Services (MCRS), Respite Services, Family Support Services, and Expressive Therapies providers distributed by the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA)

CCO, LBHA, and CSA Contacts: this document contains contact information for Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs), Local Behavioral Health Authorities (LBHAs), and Core Service Agencies (CSAs) across Maryland.

For questions related to scheduled meetings, resources, or online training modules, please contact

*Last website update: 10/15/20