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About Us is designed for use by anyone interested in learning more about how to enhance school mental health.  It is the intention that these resources will help to enhance mental health promotion, prevention, treatment, and referral and will provide practical tools for improving school environments.  This website is a central feature of the Baltimore School Mental Health Technical Assistance and Training Initiative.  The initiative is funded through the support of The Baltimore City Health Department and is administered by The University of Maryland's Center for School Mental Health. is organized into segments according to the interests common to those with particular roles in the school community--teachers, caregivers, clinicians, and students.  However, individuals may benefit from resources in numerous domains within this site, and we encourage you to explore many areas.

We encourage clinicians, in particular, to become familiar with the various segments of this website.  Clinicians are in an ideal position to share resources, as appropriate, with the educators/administrators, families/parents, and students with whom they work and whom they serve.  We encourage clinicians to guide their clientele and collaborative partners to these valuable resources and to keep our team informed of additional resources that may be helpful.  We hope that this site encourages the sharing of information and collaboration across each of the disciplines in schools, thereby promoting "expanded" school mental health practice.

If, after checking out the resources provided on this website, you still need technical assistance or would like to make a request/suggestion for additional resources, please complete the comment form.  You also may find an efficient answer to your inquiry by checking out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).