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SHIP 2020 Archive

SHIP lolWelcome to the 2020 SHIP virtual conference portal!

On this page, you may navigate through sessions and resource links. At the end of each presentation, complete the evaluation, and if you are requesting continuing education, complete the knowledge check questions. Presentations are available July 15 - September 15 2020.

If you would like to watch any session video in full-screen, click on the title of the session that hovers at the top of the video. You will be directed to that video's YouTube page where you can select the full-screen option from the bottom right corner of the video.

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S1 | School Health Councils and Wellness Teams in Maryland

Presenter(s): Erin Hager, PhD

S2 | Students With Somatic Symptoms: What’s a School to Do?

Presenter(s): Elizabeth McDermott, BA, BSN, RN, NCSN; Rebecca Kilfoy, MSN, ACNP, NCSN

S3 | The COVID-19 Pandemic: Update for School Professionals

Presenter(s): Alison Trinkoff, ScD, MPH, RN, FAAN

S4 | Building Self-Healing Communities-ACE Interface: Understanding N.E.A.R.

Presenter(s): Terrell Sample, MSOL, MPA; Ruby Parker, MS; Frank J. Kros, MSW, JD

S5 | A Sampling of the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach

Presenter(s): Melissa Ambrose, LCSW-C

S6 | Overview of LifeSkills Training: Substance Use Prevention Program

Presenter(s): Janice Mace, LSCW-C

S7 | Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Schools

Presenter(s): Melissa Ambrose, LCSW-C

S8 | Wellness and Self-Care for School Staff and Helping Professionals

Part 1: Wellness and Self-Care for School Staff - Presenter(s): Elizabeth Parker, PhD, RD | Part 2: Promoting Well-being in Helping Professions: Understanding and Combating Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Secondary Traumatic Stress - Presenter(s): Kris Scardamalia, PhD

S9 | Using Mindfulness to Bring Self-Care and Compassion to Students and Families During These Uncertain Times

Presenter(s): Kim Cosgrove, LSCW-C; Carole Norris-Shortle, LSCW-C, LCMFT, RPT-S

S10 | Telemental Health 101

Presenter(s): Jennifer Cox, LCSW-C

S11 | Cultural Considerations in Suicide Prevention

Presenter(s): Brandon Johnson, MHS

S12 | Providers and Navigators Taking the Lead in Addressing Anxiety and Mental Health in Immigrant Families at Children’s National Hospital

Presenter(s): Michelle Jiggetts, MD, MS, MBA; Grethen Cruz Figueroa, PsyD

S13 | Ethics in Social Media: Protection for Clinicians

Presenter(s): Samara Stone, LCSW-C

Additional information related to this session: Ethics in Social MediaSocial Media Tech Codes

These are the videos mentioned in this session:

Live 2-hr Webinar: Ethics in Social Media: Protection for Clinicians 

The chat transcript from this live session can be found here: SHIP 2020 S13 Ethics Chat Transcript.

After completing this session, click here for the session evaluation and to earn continuing education hours. This session includes both this 1-hr and 2-hr sessions.

S14 | Pediatric Depression

Presenter(s): Gloria Reeves, MD

S15 | Vaping 201: What We’ve Learned

Presenter(s): Dawn S. Berkowitz, MPH, CHES

S16 | Youth and Provider Perspectives in the Early Identification and Treatment of Psychosis

Presenter(s): Sean “Driscoe” Driscoll; Joseph DeLuca, PhD

S17 | To Be Faster and Stronger and Live Longer: Health-Focused Literacy and Advocacy Programs for Improving Students’ Knowledge and Skills for Improving Health Behaviors and Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Presenter(s): Hannah Lane, PhD

S18 | Understanding Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Presenter(s): Kay Connors, LSCW-C

S19 | How to Support All Families in School Health

Part 1: All Families are Special: How to Best Support Families Raising Children With Special Needs - Presenter(s): Brocklin Qualls, MEd | Part 2: How to Support Families and Educators for Caring for Children with Special Needs in a Daycare Setting - Presenter(s): Barbara Obst, MSEd, BSN, NCSN

S20 | School Health Nursing and COVID-19: What a School Nurse Needs to Know

Presenter(s): Cheryl Duncan De Pinto, MD, MPH; Alicia Mezu, MSN/Ed, BSN, BSc, RN; Barbara Obst, MSEd, BSN, NCSN; Megan Roesler, MSN, RN, CPN

S21 | The Importance of Trauma-Informed Care in the School Setting

Presenter(s): Binny Chokshi, MD

S22 | Transition from Care in School-Based Health and Wellness Centers to Adult Care-Where Do We Go From Here?

Presenter(s): Cathleen Shannon, RN, MSN, CPNP-PC

S23 | Integrating Oral Health Services into School-Based Health Centers

Presenter(s): Donna Behrens, RN, MPH, BSN; Beth Lowe, BSDH, MPH

S24 | Rash Decisions in School Children

Presenter(s): Bernard Cohen, MD

S25 | Telemedicine Workshop: Staying Tele-healthy

Presenter(s): Ken Tellerman, MD

S26 | SARS COVID-19 – The Tiny Thing with the Enormous Impact

Presenter(s): Patryce Toyce, MD

S27 | The Cost of Poverty

Presenter(s): Danielle Gerry, MD, MBA

S28 | Using Quality Improvement to Improve the School-Based Health Center Experience

Presenter(s): Ben Wormser, MD