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2018 SHIP Conference

2018 SHIP Program Booklet‌‌‌

Download the 2018 Annual SHIP Flyer

The School Health Interdisciplinary Program (SHIP) was held August 1-2, 2018 at the Red Lion North Hotel, 2004 Greenspring Drive in Timonium, MD. The conference theme was: Heath and Education: Social Determinants of a Thriving Student.

The School Health Interdisciplinary Program (SHIP) was sponsored by the National Center for School Mental Health (NCSMH), Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), Department of Juvenile Services (DJS), Maryland Department of Human Services, and other agencies. SHIP offered state-of-the art training and opportunities to network with and learn from individuals across the state who are working to advance all levels of health care within schools.

There were a variety of pre-conference sessions including: Youth Mental Health First Aid Training (free), Intensive Skills Training for School Nurses ($50), and Mental Health Professional Clinical Sessions: Ethics and Supervision ($50).

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Previous SHIP Conferences:


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Plenary Session II: Social Determinants of Health for School-Age Youth- Olga Acosta Price, PhD, The Center for Health and Health Care for Schools, Director


SHIP Booklet 2017

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Plenary II:Understanding the Impact of Trauma‌ - Christine Evans Johnson, MA, CHES, State Adolescent Health Coordinator, Joan Gillece, PhD, Director of National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors

Plenary Session III:Population Health and the Triple Aim‌ - Cheryl Duncan De Pinto, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Office of Population Health Improvement, Jennifer Newman Barnhart, MPH, Director of Population Health, Alice Bauman, MSPH, Deputy Director of Population Health, Chad Perman, MPP

‌ - Lynne Muller, PhD, NCC, LCPC, Conference Co-Chair, Section Chief of Student Services and School Counseling, Alberto (Tito) Baca, EdD, Professor, Montgomery College, Health Sciences

‌ & Part 2‌ - Michelle Spencer, MS, Associate Director, Bloomberg American Health Initiative, Associate Scientist, Health Policy and Management

 & Part 2‌- Donna Mazyck, Executive Director of the National Association of School Nurses

‌‌ - Linda Grossman, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins School of Medicince, Director, Bureau of Clinical Services, Baltimore County Department of Health

‌‌ - Ann Mech, JD, RN, Assistant Professor, PPEP, Director, Legal Affairs, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Alicia Mezu, MSN/Ed, BSN, BS, RN, Health Services Specialist, Barbara Obst, RN, MS, Coordinator, Specialized Health Care Interagency Collaboration, Kennedy Krieger Institute

‌ Derrick Riggins, MSW, State Independent Living Coordinator, Brandi Stocksdale, LCSW-C, Director, Placement and Permanency, Maryland Department of Human Services

‌ - Vicki Tepper, PhD, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Kathy Tomaszewski, RN, BSN, Johns Hopkins Hospital


SHIP Program Booklet 2016

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Adverse Childhood Experiences—Impact on Education and Learning - Lee Savio Beers, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Director for Municipal and Regional Affairs

Analyses of Maryland Data on Student Nutrition and Physical Acivity - Christopher Hersl, Education Specialist for Physical Education and Comprehensive Health Education, Alicia Mezu, Health Services Specialist 

Framework and Performance Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child - Sean Slade, Director of Outreach, ASCD

Maryland School Crisis Communication Planning - Tyler G. Page, M.A., (PI: Brooke Fisher Liu, PhD Co-PI: Holly Ann Roberts; Cheryl Duncan De Pinto, MD, MPH)

‌ - Young-chan, Barbara Scherr, and Veronica Simmons Title I/Family Engagement Program Improvement and Family Support Branch Maryland State Department of Education

Overdose Prevention Empowering School Personnel & Families - Christopher Welsh M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine, NCADD-Maryland Scientific Advisory Committee

School Health Interdisciplinary Program 

The Maryland Wellness Policies and Practices Project - Erin R. Hager, PhD, Associate Professor University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, Growth and Nutrition Division Department of Epidemiology and Public Health

The Zika Virus - Sonia G. Pandit, MPH MBA, Chief Executive Officer, The Pandit Group

For more information contact Christina Huntley, 410-706-0980.