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Resources for Students

Did you know that one in ten young people may have a mental health problem at any given time?  But unfortunately, of those, only one in five will get help through mental health services.  And without help, these problems can lead to bigger problems:  poor school performance; conflicts with friends, peers or family; and sometimes even substance-abuse problems. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

So, pay attention to the "Warning Signs."  Someone who is currently going through a mental health problem may be . . .

Troubled by feeling:

  • really sad and hopeless without good reason, and the feelings don’t go away;
  • extremely fearful – has unexplained fears or more fears than most children;
  • angry most of the time, overreacts to things;
  • anxious or worried a lot more than other kids your own age.

Limited by:

  • poor concentration;
  • difficulty making decisions, sitting still or focusing;
  • need to perform certain routines dozens of times a day;
  • regular nightmares.

Experiencing big changes:

  • does much worse in school;
  • loses interest in things usually enjoyed;
  • avoids friends and family;
  • talks about suicide;
  • hears voices that cannot be explained;
  • has changes in sleeping or eating patterns.

Behaving in ways that cause problems:

  • uses alcohol or other drugs;
  • does things that can be life threatening;
  • hurts other people;
  • destroys property or breaks the law.

How to Get Help:

In general, these warning signs may point to a mental health problem.  If you or a friend displays any of these behaviors often, for long periods of time, or for unexplained reasons, you should seek help.  Talk to a counselor at your school, or ask a teacher or counselor at your school to get you in touch with mental health services.

If you are not near a teacher, counselor, or other responsible adult, or if you just want someone else to talk to about your problems, then call the 24-hour National Youth Crisis Hotline:

National Youth Crisis Hotline

Call 1-800-448-4663, the National Youth Crisis Hotline, to find help in your community or to talk about your problems! (If your problem is really urgent and dangerous, you also can dial 911 and ask for help.)

If you live in Maryland, you can also call the Mental Hygiene Administration’s 24-hour Youth Crisis Hotline, 1-800-422-0009.

Additional Resources

You also might find the following resources helpful.  They are easy to view online or print out.

A Call To Stop Bullying (Voice Nation Live) -Voice Nation Live provides helpful information on the signs and effects of bullying, resources, and advice for kids involved in a bullying at school. This website also offers access to a live answering service and call center for those seeking help and comfort in a traumatic situation.

A Student's Guide to the IEP (NICHCY)

ADHD Youth Page (CSMH)

Anxiety Youth Page (CSMH)

Baltimore Stop the Violence Rap Videos by Wayne Watts and The 5th L. (Better My World)

Be Your Own Best Advocate (PACER)
Excellent fact sheet, especially for teens, with clear tips on how to advocate successfully

Books and Other Mental Health Resources for Youth (NAMI)

Cyberbullying on Facebook (Bullying UK)

Cyberbullying on Myspace (Bullying UK)

Cyberbullying on Youtube (Bullying UK)

Depression Youth Page (CSMH)

Flipswitch (Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundar) - Information and a weekly podcast for teens and young adults with mood disorders

For Teens: Recognizing Mental Health Problems and Getting Help (American Psychological Association)

Mobile (Cell) Phone Bullying (Bullying UK)

mpower- Musicians for Mental Health (National Mental Health Association)

Reach Out.Com - Resources for youth, by youth

Suicide Youth Page (CSMH)

Teen Depression (NAMI)

What Can Students and Youth Do to "Lend a Hand"? (

What Should I Do if I'm Bullied? (

Youth Mental Health Bill of Rights

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