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Caregiver's Choice: A Mentoring Program to Benefit Youth with Incarcerated Parents

Caregiver's Choice, a nationwide initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and administered by MENTOR/The National Mentoring Partnership, helps to provide adult mentors to children and adolescents with one or more incarcerated parents.

Approximately 1.5 million youth across the country have a parent serving time in a federal or state prison (Mumola, 2000).  Youth who have a parent incarcerated face a variety of challenges, which can impact their self-esteem as well as their performance in school.  The relationship formed between a child/adolescent and a mentor can have a positive impact on well-being and school success.

Caregiver's Choice offers a $1000 voucher—essentially a scholarship for mentoring—that parents or caregivers can use to receive mentoring services.  Once a child/adolescent, aged 4-18, is enrolled in Caregiver's Choice, their parent or caregiver then receives a voucher in the mail, along with a list of several approved mentoring programs in their area.  The parent/caregiver can decide which one is the best fit for them, and call the program to redeem their voucher.  Across the country, Caregiver's Choice has approved nearly 500 mentoring providers that can offer mentoring services to young people.  These programs have completed training specifically preparing them to work with families impacted by incarceration.

For additional information:

Phone Contact: 877-333-2464

Brochure: ccbrochure.pdf
Flyer: ccflyer.pdf