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Bullying and Prevention Resources (NASP)
Helpful resources that school psychologists use to work with educators, students, and families to ensure that every child feels safe at, and on the way to and from, school.

Bullying in Public and Charter Schools (IDEA)
A teleconference transcript focusing on bullying in schools, specifically middle and high school students.

Bullies: Turning Around Negative Behavior (
Guidelines for school staff on how to reduce bullying by assessing the bullying problem, addressing the class about bullying, confronting bullies, and providing consequences.

Bullying: A Major Barrier to Student Learning (UCLA SMHP)
A brief article that looks at why kids bully and how bullying behaviors develop. 

Bullying: What's New and What's To Do (NCPC)
This presentation from the National Crime Prevention Council addresses how to define bullying; signs a child is being bullied; and how parents, teachers, and school communities can prevent bullying.

Bullying and Bullying Prevention: Information for School Clinicians (MSMHA)
An informational sheet about what bullying is, why clinicians should care, and what they can do about it.  Links to helpful handouts and further resources are provided.

Bystanders: Turning Onlookers into Bully-Prevention Agents (
A step-by-step guide in how to train bystanders to take an active role against bullying, to be accountable for their actions, and to build "bonds of caring" in the classroom.

Locations: Transforming Schools from Bully-Havens to Safe Havens (
A guide for members of the school community to identifying bullying "hot spots" and making these locations less attractive to bullies.

Reducing Bullying: Meeting the Challenge (
This 170-page guidebook about bullying provides information on frequently asked questions, school-wide policy suggestions, bullying interventions, and the critical role of the principal in bullying prevention.

Victims: Preventing Students from Becoming 'Bully-Targets' (
Guidelines for how to ensure a bullying victim's safety, help the victim develop positive connections with others, and teach the victim assertiveness skills.

Webisodes ( provides a series of internet cartoons that depict the various forms and effects of bullying.  Discussion questions and topics are provided for each episode, to engage students in dialogue about the webisodes. Fact Sheets
This series of fact sheets address a variety of bullying issues, providing specific statistics, strategies, and references.

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