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Bullying Prevention Resources (NASP)
Helpful resources that school psychologists use to work with educators, students, and families to ensure that every child feels safe at, and on the way to and from, school.

Bullying in Public and Charter Schools (NCPC)
A teleconference transcript focusing on bullying in schools, specifically middle and high school students.

Behavior Problems: Bullies and Victims (NMHEC)
This guide provides information on bullying facts, signs of bullying and victimization, and what to do if you suspect your child is a bully or a bully victim.

Bullying: A Major Barrier to Student Learning (UCLA SMHP)
A brief article that looks at why kids bully and how bullying behaviors develop. 

Bullying: What It Is & What Schools Can Do About It (
Set up in a question and answer format, this guide addresses why bullying happens, gender differences, types of bullying, and bullying characteristics.  Recommendations for bullying interventions are also provided.

Bullying and Bullying Prevention: Information for Parents/Caregivers (MSMHA)
An informational sheet about what bullying is, why families should care, and what they can do about it.  Links to helpful handouts and further resources are provided.

What Parents Can Do: Advice for Parents and Adults About How to Deal with Bullying (NCPC)
This website provides tips for parents on what to do when they have a child who is either a bully or a bully target. Fact Sheets:
This series of fact sheets address a variety of bullying issues, providing specific statistics, strategies, and references.


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