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Resources for Families

The School Mental Health Connection is providing schools with important resources regarding children’s mental health issues.  When more people associated with the school--parents, educators, students, and clinicians--understand and work together to address children's mental health needs, the more success students can have in school.

Families are the experts on their children.  Families are their own best advocates. With this in mind, the School Mental Health Connection is assisting not only school staff regarding children’s mental heath, but providing information for parents/caregivers as well.

By providing this information and resources, families and school staff can better work together to give each child the services he/she needs to have success in school.  Use this website to educate yourself so that you will be an informed advocate for the health of your child and his/her school.

Anger Management

Behavior Management


Child Welfare / Social Services

Clinical Disorders

Culturally Sensitive Care

Family Involvement and Collaboration in Schools

Fostering Healthy Transitions

Mental Health Awareness and Identification


Psychological Assessment

School Mental Health Overview

Special Education

Tobacco/Substance Use and Abuse

Violence Prevention


Additional Topics

If, after reviewing the materials above, you still need technical assistance or would like to make a request/suggestion for additional resources, please complete the comment form.  You also find an efficient answer to your inquiry by checking out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).