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PowerPoint Presentations

These PowerPoints are available on with the hope that you will use them to share information on mental health-related topics as part of professional development in schools. To assist you in understanding the materials, many of the PowerPoints include additional information in the notes section.  To view these comments, you will need to save the file to your computer and open it with Microsoft PowerPoint. The PowerPoints are intended for use within schools by professionals for education and training. Commercial use of these tools is strictly prohibited.

Adolescent Development (CSMH)

Anger Management (CSMH)

Anxiety Disorder (CSMH)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CSMH)

Communicating with Students to Increase Academic Success (CSMH)

Depression (CSMH)

Disruptive Behaviors (CSMH)

Enhancing Educator Training and Support (CSMH)

Helping Adolescents Deal With Peer Pressure (CSMH)

Mental Health 101 for Non-Mental Health Providers (CSMH & PGCPS)

School Counselors: Partners in Student Achievement (ASCA)

School Mental Health Overview: From Understanding to Action (NASP)

Self-Injury (Baltimore County Public Schools)

The IEP Process (CSMH)

The Use of Assessment Instruments in School Social Work (CSMH)